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2013-2014 Pink Report: Nailed: The Allure of Nail Color

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Why this report paints a new picture.

Nail polish—it’s on every woman’s mind, and literally on the majority of women’s fingers and toes. Over half of all women have their nails manicured on a weekly basis, and 4 out of 5 women own ten or more bottles of color.

Women’s love affair with the perfect polish is part psychology, part practicality, part frivolity and always fun, but what’s driving this obsession? TBC’s new study dives deep into the nail landscape, illuminating just how important the nail polish category is to both consumers and the industry, and why women are reveling in their shameless obsession with color, color, color!

A view from the one who really matters - your consumer.

Data and insight for the report comes from:

  • 5,000 female beauty consumers

TBC 2013-2014 Pink Report: Nailed: The Allure of Nail Color is a ground breaking study that dives deep into every segment of the nail polish landscape and uncovers the facts, figures and stats driving this multi-million dollar business. In addition to key demographics and analytics, our 2013-2014 Pink Report explores:

  • Her emotional connection to nail polish
  • Her nail polish usage habits
  • Why she chooses one color over another
  • What innovations she’s seeking from her nail color brands
  • What nail color basics she can’t live without
  • What colors are her favorites
  • What role nail polish plays in her life
  • What she really thinks of the latest nail color innovations (Soak-off gel polish, nail stickers, nail art, etc.) and which ones will last
  • How celebrities are informing manicure and nail color trends
  • What benefits she’s seeking in her nail care brands
  • Where the nail care industry is heading
  • And so much more!

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